Don’t Forget You Love Me
Genre: Novels
Publisher: Southern Willow Publishing
ASIN: 1722023600
ISBN: 1722023600

Don’t Forget You Love Me follows the stories of two high school sweethearts, Erin Williams and Tyler Henderson, as they navigate the consequences of their life’s choices. Erin and Tyler spend all of their days on the South Carolina beach headfirst in love until America’s War on Terror pulls Tyler into the fray leaving Erin behind to pick up the pieces of their once perfect life. Surrounded by her friends and family, Erin must grow up quickly and create a life of her own. Tyler, thrust into the raging war in Iraq, must learn how to survive in such a hellish nightmare, cut off from everyone and everything he has ever known. Until one day a postcard arrives in the desert and turns Tyler’s new life upside down.

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