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Cat Webling is an actress and author based in middle Georgia. She started writing professionally in 2018, when she published her first novel, Artificial Intelligence, and has since published three poetry collections and two short story collections. She is a game news writer for The Gamer and an independent content creator on Medium. Her work has been featured in SUPERJUMP Magazine, The Startup, and The Innovation, among others.

She continues to write from her home, which she shares with her mom, dad, little brother, and lovely dog. You can find her @CatWebling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and at


Book Blurb

 Fruits and Finery 

This is a book of beginnings.

Some are familiar. The beginning of a gothic cautionary tale, the beginning that they never tell of a fairytale, the beginning of the end.

Some are unfamiliar. The beginning of an alliance, the beginning of a new mythology, the beginning of a doomed adventure.
They are all beginnings, and they all tell tales of “once upon a time.” It may just not be the time we know.
It’s time to start.

Stories included:
• The Graveyard
• Sometimes It’s Quiet
• What Lies Beyond
• An Apple A Day
• The Manor
• Bored
• Abri and The Village Girl
• The Myth of Fountains
• The Chest
• The Transformation
• The Screams
• It Shouldn’t Have Been Empty

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