Over the last several weeks, many of our registered authors have contacted us regarding concern for the upcoming Indie Book Fest scheduled on October 24th of this year due to the rise of reported Covid cases. These authors come from all walks of life and from various age brackets.

We here at Southern Willow Publishing have been monitoring the situation in our local area closely. We have each been personally affected by Covid and understand the seriousness of this pandemic. Therefore, we have decided that it is in the best interest for our community, our authors, and our readers to postpone this event to a future date, hopefully in the spring of 2022.

We have not made this decision lightly. Many factors have gone into our discussion regarding the best course of action.

First and foremost, we have taken a look at the increased number of reported cases in our state and local area. Unfortunately, Georgia is one of the leading states in the number of reported cases of Covid-19. As the Delta variant continues to spread at an alarming rate, members of the local medical community have informed us that this trend will likely continue. We anticipate this trend negatively affecting upcoming and future events.

Secondly, we looked at our authors and the expectations that they had for the event. We currently have writers scheduled to attend from all over the state, as well as surrounding states. While we make no guarantees regarding anticipated sales for each author during the festival, we are aware of the financial investment our writers make in order to participate in these types of events. It is our sincerest wish to provide authors with a financially rewarding experience that facilitates the safe interaction between our writers and readers. Given the current conditions, we believe that participants and visitors would be safer and do better financially if this event was postponed.

We understand that this is disappointing news and that many of you were greatly looking forward to the opportunity to interact with your readership. We hope you understand our decision and will continue to participate in future events we host.

Each of our registered participants will receive a full refund. These refunds will be issued within the next five business days. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to join us in the spring of 2022. We at Southern Willow Publishing are still open, and we continue to work with clients from all walks to bring a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction works to life. Thank you so much for your continued support. We love our author community and truly believe that words can change the world!

All the Best!

Jaimie, Jennifer, and Victoria

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