That depends greatly on your schedule. At Southern Willow Publishing, we strive to work hard and get your book published as efficiently as possible. For our part, the process happens fairly quickly. Once a contract is signed, we begin working on a project immediately. We strive for clear lines of communication at all times.

With that being said, once we receive a project, our portion of the work can generally be completed within four to six weeks. Those are general timelines and it is important to note that each project is different. Some may be completed more quickly while others may take longer to finalize.

Once the editing and story development has been completed and the author is completely happy with the manuscript, then the internal and cover phases can begin. We work closely with authors to ensure the best possible publication experience every step of the way.

Founded in July of 2017, Southern Willow Publishing provides a comprehensive selection of services for today’s independent author.

Southern Willow Publishing does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts of any kind.

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