"I am published!!!! A huge thank you to a couple of ladies that believed in me!!! I am so excited to share my journey of grief with all of my friends and family!!! My daddy was one of the best!!! I believe he would be so proud of this!"
Jodi M. Short
"I love the ladies at Southern Willow so much. They each went out of their way to make our publishing experience quick and easy. They were able to take the ramblings of two old ladies and turn them into a dream come true. I simply cannot imagine a better set of partners to have than Jaimie, Victoria, and Jennifer at Southern Willow!"
Louise Turner
"I’ve always heard that you can’t teach and old dog new tricks. Jaimie, Victoria, and Jennifer proved that saying was wrong. They took some crazy ideas and showed us how to turn that into not one, but two, successful novels. I can’t think them enough for all their hard work."
Wanda Jennings
"I reached out to Victoria Hawkins to design my book cover. I knew I was in capable hands. Victoria understood I wanted a truly original design and not simply another stock image. While I have received my share of compliments about my writing, it makes me smile when people ask first “Who designed your book cover?” In fact, sometimes I get more compliments about my book cover than my writing. I really feel Victoria listens to her clients’ needs and produces exceptional work. She has a unique style that is unmatched. I highly and without any hesitation recommend her services!"
T. G. Bryant
"I really enjoyed working with Southern Willow Publishing on both of my books, Heart Of The Machine and The Land Of Mountaindom. They were very helpful in the editing process and timely in their responses. They helped me cultivate a finished product of which I was more than proud. Additionally, the illustrations they crafted worked perfectly with my ideas! I will definitely be working with them again in the future and would recommend them to anyone!"
Wesley Miller
"I really like the way that SWP put everything together for me. I wrote my first book at 95 years old and I'm working on my second book now. Thank you SWP for my beautiful cover. You made this publishing experience so easy."
Carolyn Walters
"I am so thankful for Jaimie, Victoria, and Jennifer at Southern Willow. Jaimie’s encouragement and support during the whole writing process was unwavering. Then they all came together as an amazing team to put together a fun book that started out as a bed time story for my daughter. We now have a published piece that we will cherish forever. I can not express enough how amazing Southern Willow is at making dreams come true for those who aspire to be a writer."
Lynn Sipps
"I have worked with Victoria on two of my book projects and my website, and have been tremendously pleased with all of my experiences. The best way I can describe her approach to design is “intuitive.” As a writer, my vision for the artistic and graphic side of things is limited to what I can express in words, but Victoria has created the perfect design for both of my books. For those of us who are self-publishing, we have to go into each project knowing that the artistic design and digital aspect is as crucial as the writing process. Designing both cover and interior, as well as actually working through the publishing process, Victoria’s work has freed me up to completely focus on the writing process, and to be able to move on to the promotion and sales portion of my projects once the writing is done. For this market of self-published books, I have been pleased with her rates, and have found that she will most certainly go above and beyond for her clients. As a small business, she is attentive, a great listener, and a wonderful partner through all stages of the process. I can’t recommend her enough."
Chrissie Tomlinson
"From attaining an ISBN or barcode, proofing and editing to holding your book in your hands, Southern Willow Publishing Group takes you through the publishing process with ease and professionalism. They make sure, through experience and training, that every “T” is crossed and every “I” dotted, communicating with you every step of the way. They offer a plethora of “extra” services including graphic art design, web page construction, and illustrations. And, to top it all off, their charges are competitive and most reasonable. There is no guesswork regarding each step of the process, and I would highly recommend any author, new or experienced, to avail themselves of Southern Willow’s excellent services."
David Hunt

“I have found others to be rather detached about working on this project. Thanks to Jaimie’s editing, I am so excited!” 

J. Parks 

“Thank you for all that you do. I really appreciate you.”

M. Meadows 

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