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Wesley is a father of two, husband, IT geek, ping-pong champion, average golfer, eclectic music enthusiast, and self-professed Star Wars expert who resides in central Georgia. He is also the creator, writer, producer, director, and co-host of Pigskins And Pageantry, a podcast dedicated to all things SEC Football. He has published the first two novels in The Machine Trilogy, Heart Of The Machine and Mind Of The Machine, and is currently working on the third and final novel in the trilogy. He has also published a children’s picture book, The Land Of Mountaindom, illustrated by Victoria Hawkins.

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Mind Of The Machine

In this captivating sequel to Heart Of The Machine, John and Samantha’s worst fears have been realized as they discover that Frederick Mueller, the Supreme Commander of the New Atomic Order, has established bases in every corner of the country. In order to defeat him, their core group must divide and conquer on all fronts at once. Each of them will be tested beyond measure in this fight against tyranny. In the midst of it all, John and Samantha receive news that will change their lives forever.

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While my sources of inspiration are eclectic, I would have to pick J.R.R. Tolkien as my favorite author. Obviously the voice and cadence of the way our characters are written is very different, but I’ve certainly been influenced by him in terms of word building and creating an environment that incorporates feelings of “home” as well as an appreciation for the vastness of the world outside. Reading a Tolkien novel set in his universe always feels like returning home in a sense and it makes me want to evoke the same feelings in my writings     




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