Editing Services


Proofreading is a glorified spelling and grammar check. (Proofreading is not as in-depth as copy editing.) This service ensures that all commas are in the right place, punctuation is correct, and makes sure every variation of spelling is consistent throughout. Proofreading is a technique that marks out any errors so the writer can see them. Occasionally, it may suggest ways of changing a mistake if the error is substantial enough to do so. This is part of the final stage in any editing process and is used to polish a manuscript prior to publishing. A manuscript should have undergone copy editing, line editing, development editing, and typesetting prior to this. It should arrive to the editor in a state ready to be published, including layout, design, images, and fully edited.

Editing Services

Copy Editing

If you want a more in-depth look at your work covering spelling, grammar, formatting, and the flow of the story, then a copy edit is for you. This service ensures that the themes of the story are consistent, along with plot points and timelines that could have gotten misaligned as the story goes on. Copy editing is a check for accuracy and consistency in both content and writing. It makes sure your writing is accurate, fit-for-purpose, and free from error. It also alerts the writer to any potential legal problems, as well as analyzing the structure for publication. This last part can only be done if the writer lets me know where they are publishing and or passes me a copy of the formatting requirements.

Editing Services

Line Editing

The most in-depth look: This will go over the story with a fine tooth comb for spelling and grammatical errors. I will make notes on sentences that don’t work, discern whether your writing style changes, tighten up the dialogue, etc. This is the most comprehensive look at your work from an English (literary) and Psychological point of view. Line editing is a line-by-line edit that works with sentence variation and flow, tense consistency, word choice, and overall style. It works with the writer’s original style and helps push it in the right direction, develop weaker areas, and make sure your style is used to your best advantage.

Editing Services

Poetry Editing

This editorial service aims to develop your poetry into a professional and stylistic piece. The editing service for this will focus on the use of punctuation as reading guidelines, as well as ensuring your poem is stylistic and unique. All in-text suggestions will be made to the poem itself. This service is available for individual poetry pieces at $15 per poem (each poem 1-2 pages in length (no more than 600 words). For poetry collections, please get in touch for a personalized quote.


(Minimum $50)


10,000 words


50,000 words


100,000 words


Copy Edit

(Minimum $80)


10,000 words


50,000 words


100,000 words


Line Edit

(Minimum $200)


10,000 words


50,000 words


100,000 words


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