Frequently Asked Questions

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"Do I have to have a big following to get a publishing deal?"

No. You do not need any fans, followers, or any kind of platform to get a publishing deal with Southern Willow Publishing. We invest heavily in training and coaching authors like you to help you build your platform. Remember, every great author once started with zero followers and zero fans. We can help build your fan base from the ground up.

If you have a large following of fans already, that’s great! However, it’s not necessary to get a publishing deal. We consider the quality of your writing and message to be far more important than how many people happen to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

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"How long will it take to publish my book?"

That depends greatly on your schedule. At Southern Willow Publishing, we strive to work hard and get your book published as efficiently as possible. For our part, the process happens fairly quickly. Once a contract is signed, we begin working on a project immediately. We strive for clear lines of communication at all times.

With that being said, once we receive a project, our portion of the work can generally be completed within four to six weeks. Those are general timelines and it is important to note that each project is different. Some may be completed more quickly while others may take longer to finalize.

Once the editing and story development has been completed and the author is completely happy with the manuscript, then the internal and cover phases can begin. We work closely with authors to ensure the best possible publication experience every step of the way.

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"I previously self-published my book(s) or had a different publisher. Can I switch to Southern Willow Publishing?"

Yes, assuming you still own the rights to your work.

If you self-published your book, you can definitely switch to us right away. We have worked with many independent authors who are overwhelmed by the indie publishing process and we can make the process quick, easy, and painless for you.

If you published your book with another publisher, you’ll need to look at your publishing contract to see if you still own the rights to your work. If you have questions about whether or not a previous publisher controls the rights to your work, you should reread your publishing contract in detail, contact your publisher, and/or contact your attorney.

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"Will I still own the rights to my book?"

Yes, you will still own the copyright to your book when you work with Southern Willow Publishing. We do not require any transfer of publication rights. You retain complete ownership of all rights.

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"What services do you provide?"

We are a full-service publishing company dedicated to helping you build your author brand and promote your books for long-term success.

Here are so of the services we provide our authors:

  • Developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading

  • Help with book title ideas and selection

  • Cover design

  • Formatting and publishing for eBooks

  • Interior book design and layout for print books

  • Distribution

  • Marketing advice, mentorship, and guidance

  • Website design, landing page design, and email marketing systems setup

  • And more!

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"What royalties will I earn?"

You will retain 100% of your royalties.

This will depend on what price you select for your book. Southern Willow does not take any of your earned royalties or percentage of sales.

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"Do you charge any hidden fees?"

We are very upfront about our services and what we charge for them. We do not keep any royalties like other publishing companies. We are not a vanity press. You keep all of our royalties. We do not charge any hidden fees to publish your book.

Company Information

"What is Southern Willow Publishing?"

Southern Willow Publishing is a full-service indie publishing service company. We provide a comprehensive selection of services for today’s independent author. We offer publishing packages, editing services, graphic and web design services, and interior book formatting services.

Our mission is to cultivate an environment that fosters the vision, influence, and imagination of independent authors. We create relationships between authors, readers, and the publishing community that inspires writers to reach their full potential.

Please see our services and publishing packages for more information or feel free to contact us.

Design Information

"Why should I care about interior design?"

The interior design of the book is one of the most often overlooked aspects of indie publishing. Many independent authors simply don’t have the time, the skill, or the patience to worry about how the book is formatted. The problem arises when the reader, who is accustomed to a professional look and feel in the books she buys, flips through the novel and finds various eyesores. While it may not be the first factor a reader considers when purchasing a new book, it is equally important to editing and cover design to create a professional and polished book for publication.

Additionally, each publishing platform has different standards for interior design. An eBook is formatted differently than a print book. These differences need to be addressed during the interior design phase of production.

Editing Information

"Can I edit the book myself?"

You can and should edit your novel yourself. This is part of the writing process. Ideally, your manuscript should go through several self-edits before it is submitted anywhere.

Editing your work yourself should never take the place of having a professional editor read through your manuscript. An experienced editor will help you bring out the story you see in your mind and help you avoid embarrassing plot and character holes that you may have overlooked.

We offer a variety of editing packages for your choosing.

Editing Information

"How long do I have to wait until I hear back from an editor after I submit my manuscript?"

The average industry response time for submissions is three to six months. Unlike other publishers, we strive to respond within 7 business days. Our editor will stay in contact with you during the initial process and so forth.

Our average time to complete a publishing project is 30-45 days.

Editing Information

"How do I submit my manuscript?"

You can submit your manuscript for review to our email.

You will need to email us your typed manuscript in any digital format. (We prefer Microsoft Word files in .doc or .docx format, but we can accept PDFs, .epub, .mobi, and a variety of different file types.)

If your manuscript was typed on a typewriter or handwritten, you will definitely want to get your manuscript typed into a word processor on a computer. We do not accept physical manuscript submissions sent by mail.

Editing Information

"Does my book have to be professionally edited?"

Yes. All published works need to go through a professional editor. We are experienced and accomplished editors. Professional editing is included in our publishing packages. We also offer editing-only service packages. Our editors offer developmental editing, copy editing, line editing, and proofreading services to our authors.

Marketing Information

"Will you do the marketing for my book?"

No publisher is capable of doing all the marketing for an author. You must learn to connect with fans and influencers directly, because it is your fans who will buy your books, tell their friends, and ultimately help you pay your bills.

We have packages that include the creation of social media platforms, web design, logos, graphics, and mockups.

The truth is, fans care about connecting with you—the author. That’s why we invest so much time and money into helping you build your unique author brand. We focus on all the busy publishing work so you can focus on what matters most: writing great books and connecting with your audience.

Marketing Information

"Where will my book be sold?"

The wonderful thing about today’s publishing industry is that you can publish your book through a plethora of publishing platforms for a worldwide presence. Some of the platforms include:

For eBooks:

  • Amazon

  • iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Google Play (maybe—some of our eBooks are published exclusively on Amazon)

  • In Libraries

  • In Fortune 500 companies and large organizations through a licensing deal (maybe, usually for non-fiction only)

For Print Books:

  • Amazon

  • Bookstores

  • Libraries

  • Bulk sales direct to Fortune 500 companies and large organizations (maybe, usually for non-fiction only)

Marketing Information

"Will my book be available in international markets?"

Absolutely. Your book can be available all over the world in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many other countries through Amazon and other distribution channels. Where you choose to sell your book depends on your goals and aspirations.