Our Process

Story Development and Editing

You have spent months and perhaps years working on your novel. Your novel has become your labor of love, a piece of who you are, and it is an extension of how you see the world around you. Obviously it's phenomenal because you wrote it. The entire world is waiting with bated breath to read your words. At least, that's what you hope.

Chances are your novel is as stunning as you believe. That being said, every novel, regardless of how amazing the author believes it to be, benefits greatly from story development and editing. Why?

Quite simply, a quality editor can help you see things that you might have missed. Your editor will catch any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Your editor should work with you to find any holes in plotting and character development. Additionally, your editor will assist with pulling out key points in your book that might need further development. Lastly, your editor will ensure that your story meets the reader’s expectations for your specific genre.

Remember, your editor is your publishing partner. She should not only offer you constructive feedback about your story, but she should also help you develop your story into a marketable work that readers will believe and enjoy.

Cover Design

As the book’s first introduction to the reader, the cover design is vitally important for your novel’s success. A quality cover can convey a wealth of information about the book and draw the reader in, while a poorly designed cover can cause a reader to pass you without a second glance.

While they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” everyone does exactly that. A cover that is not visually appealing will not grab the reader’s attention long enough for them to even consider purchasing your book.

What goes into a quality cover design?

A book cover is far more than just an image with the book title. A quality cover merges the creative vision of the author with the visual expectations of the reader. It draws the reader in with an emotional pull or creates a burning question in the reader’s mind that must be answered.

Your cover artist has an incredible responsibility. She must take your novel and create a single image which conveys the overall theme of the work. She will utilize her years of graphic design experience to increase your marketability while working directly with you to develop a recognizable author brand.

Interior Design

The third and final element of a professionally published book is interior design. This element is often overlooked, yet it is as equally important as the first two elements.

For many authors, formatting and interior design is the last thing they want to think about. Why should you care about the interior design of your book?

As a reader, you have come to expect certain design features in the books that you read. While you may not consciously notice these details at the time, when they are missing or incorrect, they become an eyesore.

Don’t forget that one of the first things a reader will do when they’re interested in a book is to flip through it and read random parts. If the interior design of the book comes across as amateurish, the reader is going to be less interested in your book.