Jaimie: Today we welcome Victoria to the blog. Victoria is our resident Graphic Designer and in charge of all things creativity. Let’s start with an easy question! What do you enjoy most about graphic design?

Victoria: I enjoy making people happy by creating things for them. Most people have difficulty getting what’s in their head out on paper, so it becomes my job to translate that. I love seeing the excitement on their faces.

Jaimie: What initially sparked your interest in this field?

Victoria: I’ve always been an artist. I got my first computer when I was eleven and began designing things for local businesses.

Jaimie: How do you feel about the phrase “you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Victoria: People naturally judge things by how they look. Books especially. If it looks professional, if it’s appealing to their eyes, they are more likely to pick it up and purchase it.

Jaimie: You have created a wide variety of cover designs for clients all over the country. In your opinion, what is the most important element for a good book cover?

Victoria: The most important element is what we in the graphic design world call design hierarchy. It’s seeing the thing that you need to see first, like the title or the thing the author wants to convey most. You want to draw the eyes to the most important aspect and not have things look jumbled and chaotic.

Jaimie: Of all the covers you’ve created, which one is your favorite and why?

Victoria: My favorite book cover I’ve ever done is the series of children’s books I did last year. I loved implementing the bright colors and cute textual fonts.

Jaimie: What is the most difficult aspect of graphic design?

Victoria: Honestly, the most difficult part is separating my natural artistic choices from that of a client. You have to give the client what they want, even if it goes against the rules for design or doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. The client is the one paying for the artwork, so even if I don’t necessarily like the project, my goal is for the client to be happy.

Jaimie: How do you choose which colors to incorporate into a project?

Victoria: It depends on what the project is. I like to get a feel for the project, see what the client wants to deliver message wise. We work together to develop a color palette and theme.

Jaimie: What do authors gain from a professionally designed cover and professionally designed marketing materials?

Victoria: The professional appeal of a professionally design cover and professionally design marketing materials cannot be beaten. No client wants their work to appear cheap or that they didn’t put enough effort into it. The goal of a published author is to sell their work. These works become very personal to the author, so professional services enhance what they have done.

Jaimie: Many of our authors have never worked with a graphic artist. What can they expect during the cover design phase of the project?
Victoria: Communication is the number one expectation and goal in the working relationship. I always make sure to best represent the authors message while also relying on years of market experience to further their message.

Jaimie: You have worked with many children’s authors to create interior illustrations. What do you enjoy about that process?

Victoria: I love working with authors of children’s books because it allows another branch of creativity. Children’s books have a lot more illustrations generally, so it allows the playfulness of graphic design to be showcased.

Jaimie: Thank you for telling us more about what you do. The finished product always astounds me. I know how hard you work for your clients and I appreciate everything you bring to the table regarding Willow Bend.

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